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Support Our Veterans by Healing Heroes Network

healing heroes networkWar …the struggle to attain peace and freedom. The very idea of going to war puts us off but someone has got to do it. While we sit and talk politics and criticize everything that is happening around us, there are a few brave men and women who rise up from the masses and do their part. They do not do it in order to gain anything in return; they do it simply because they love their nation and want their fellow citizens to be safe. So as the story goes, the war ends at some time; some valiant souls survive and some lose their lives. Some have families to go back to while some end up being disabled, alone and homeless. They are in need of extensive treatment but no one actually cares. We simply go back to our happy, free lives and do not spend a minute to think about the people who fought for us.

What actually happens to these war heroes? The ones who manage to survive are in most cases, injured and need rehabilitation. How are they going to get back to health if everyone is going to abandon them? This is where we come into the picture. There is a lot that we, as they call us in army terms, the ‘civilians’ can do.

The Healing Heroes Network is a group of professionals who have a mission. One that will just make your heart melt and tug at its strings: providing financial and medical assistance to the veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan war. Healing Heroes Network is a Florida based 501(c)(3) 26-3714861 non-profit organization which was established to serve the courageous men and women of the military and their families. Since their institution in 2008, The Healing Heroes Network has been trying its best to be a ray of hope for those who have been injured in war. They are a network of professionals who have a deep passion and are determined to make a difference in the lives of all those war heroes who have been denied treatment or been put on waiting lists. Often, they are denied treatment and are unable to go back to normal, civilian life.

We can simply begin by caring about these war heroes. We are free today because they paid the price for our freedom. We could donate money, clothes, food, our time, etc for these folks. There are plenty of organisations which are working towards rehabilitating and helping these veterans. Perhaps, we could join one of them or volunteer our time or send in our love offering, donations and charitable gifts. Every bit counts and matters to those people in need. Most of the gifts that we send in to non-profit organisations are tax-deductible, but every dollar counts. When the donations are sent to the organisations that help veterans, they use this money to improve general welfare and hospital care of all veterans, assist veterans who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), take a lead on women and minority veteran issues, etc.

When you contribute and donate to cater to the needs of war veterans, it is your way of saying that I will now protect those courageous people who once protected me. This protection can be assured to them by standing up for their rights and making sure that they are treated well. We owe them that much. If all this makes any sense, Please take the first step and get in touch with an organization that helps veterans and donate today. Let us help to improve the quality of life of the daring who didn’t back down and paid the price for our freedom and to make sure that we were always safe. Whether it is charitable gifts, money, clothes, food, corporate giving, they need it. Find it in your heart help those who have been helping you.